A High-tech Alkaline Detergent

93.9% Readily Biodegradable


Deterstorm NF is an ultra-powerful detergent, for surfaces and equipment in livestock breeding, owing to the dense foam quality and efficacy of its surfactants.

Deterstorm NF is one of the best available farm cleaning agents in the New Zealand market. Deterstorm's new and powerful formula can clean Bio dirt (faeces, biofilm and...) from any surface.

Why should you use Deterstorm NF?

  • Excellent Foam Quality 

  • Strong Scouring Power

  • Maintaining a good level of health in livestock breeding and improving the technical performance 

  • Improving the conditions of work of breeders 

  • More time gained and less use of water in cleaning while optimising the quality of the result

Deterstorm nf farm cleaning

The adhesion of the dirt increases with time. Mechanical cleaning and detergency have to be carried out during the sanitary interval. Detergency is an essential step in the cleaning and disinfection protocol. Using a detergent after the phase of high pressure cleaning allows a significant improvement in the cleaning quality of the facilities.

Farm cleaning
Farm Cleaner


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